After Base

—what is left is exploration.

Base of anything actually. Mostly we create a base for our work or life—and then it just stays there—nice and cozy. Disrupting peace is like inviting trouble. But that’s when we need to start exploring.

Plan to Flow

Flow is the only thing on my mind, with the ocean right in front of me as I write and the wind sways the fabric I am wearing.

Right now the flow feels effortless—the flow feels right. The only plan I have today is to flow.

Under a Spotlight

I have always been in dance classes where bodies spoke. Words were just decorations. Gestures, physical connections, eye contact—were enough.

I love the passing of bodies like passersby. I love how everything can become a performance for an artist. You can create your stage anywhere, portray emotions anytime without justifying. There should be some perks of being an artist. I enjoy disappearing and coming back as if all is fine. In my head all is. That’s what matters.

When you see that individual as someone under a spotlight, all is justified. They are performers in life and their solo act starts pretty much anytime.

Everything is fair in life and…

…under a spotlight.

Make it Real

Meet people. Hear their voices. Connect in real-time. Texture of voice is better than text. Feel the pauses. Enjoy the body language.

Fall in love with faces and voices. Enjoy different moods and foods. See their eyes smile or darken. Make friends. Make it real.


Confident and clear eyes need practise. They need to be worked on daily as we keep getting layers of unwanted emotions that make our eyes dull. Clarity is rare. It’s an art to work that and own the clear you.

Restless eyes have a look. Lost eyes have a look. Clear eyes have a look.

What eyes do you have?

Swim in Ideas

It feels good to toss ideas around and swim in them. Hear your own ideas and use them unabashedly.

You like it? Go for it. Make it a habit. Do so much of it—get to know how it feels—ideate without validation—act without permission.

Go swim!