Dancers & Videos

Do you know how to dance?
Do you want to learn dance?
Is it only about shooting a
cool video?

See, the thing isone can look good in the video and still not know how to dance.

It’s very obvious to a trained eye.

‘Thrill of Dance’ Or ‘Thrill of Videos’.

Or both.

I’d say both. Why not! Keep dance in front, I suggest. If learning dance is your passion then don’t let making dance videos hijack dance.

It’s ok whatever you choose—just know there is a difference.

People who really know how to dance, might not have invested in the art of making videos. But no one can take away the joy of dance and the fact that they put in those many years, crossed the ocean, are now enjoying the sand on the beach, and are still dancing.

They chose dance.

Published by Ragini Bhajanka

Exploration as a way of life

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