Organic Perfection

I am unique and weird.
I want every part of my creativity and individuality to reflect seamlessly. Whoever comes across me, should get inspired to follow their dreams and multiple passions. You never know who you inspire.

Been sharing different sides of me, mainly for me to know me. Why hold back? More I share, more I reroute.

I have observed—people associate with the person in entirety. I do the same. If I connect to the person, I’ll go further. Else one strand of my hair won’t get affected! Show me more. Is that the only side to you? Really?!

It was a decision to show my raw self in 2021—I’m cool. Perfection has had a toll on me. Now I want organic perfection. When I want it tighter, I’ll pull the strings swiftly. I know that at the back of my hand. Till then, I’m getting more things done with a wild, imperfect streak.

Published by Ragini Bhajanka

Exploration as a way of life

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