Movement Exploration

Why Raga?

So that you can move.

If something is not working, then something needs to change—something needs to move. You need to move.

Keep moving and moving and moving—until it comes to a point where there is no difference between the mind and the body. All the unnecessary elements go away. Movement merges both and then you hit a level of clarity. You can spot the nonsense and decide to leave the game.

But continue to move in this never ending loop of infinity.

Your Story

The most real thing is your story. Your life story. You’re living it. Rest else will just have an idea about it.

Stay connected to it. That’s the core. All the answers are right there. Understand it, and change the narrative anytime you want.

Digital Creativity

Recently, I started the journey of choreographing a dance production digitally. It has endless possibilities. So curious to explore this.

I enjoy the distance—and how I can create, share, and transcend with so many people without physically being together. After two decades of studio creativity, this feels new and exciting.


Take initiative. That’s when you know how much your personality can stretch when you poke it by yourself.

Be more on your own.

Whenever you are associating with someone, use their expertise as a base to practise initiative.

Be more with someone.

Act Pact

This is gold. Action is gold. There is a satisfaction in the rhythm of action. Decide once, act infinitely. Repeat.

Think, act, discard. Discuss, act, find. Plan, act, succeed. Visualize, act, achieve.

Act, Action, Actions.

What’s the Hurry

As long as I remember, I have seen hurry around me. Watching mum pack the tiffin box in a hurry, then catching the school bus in a hurry. Lunch break would be the same. Reaching home fast so that I could play longer in the fields—and then hurry home for homework.

Every stage of my life—a similar feeling—from bathing quickly to sleeping quickly to waking up quickly.

Hurry. Just hurry.

Hurry for what? Is hurry mindful? Is there a good hurry and a bad hurry? Where does it stem from? Is it always about the next?