Like What You Like

Sometimes it beats all logic. But we have to trust it. It has roots.

Develop what you instinctively like. What catches your attention? What mood are you most comfortable in? What kind of people/places attract you? It should not be a struggle to like something.

In a lifetime, you can only like those many things or replace previous, as years pass by. That’s OK. But we have to start liking what we like.

Yes, let’s do that.


Growth through process.

Process-learning is the best. Even if you have to teach yourself anything new, break it down into processes. Let it take months or even years if required. Imagine feeling a certain way or leading life a certain way and then direct the learning slowly.

Slower the better.

Any internal change should not feel rushed. Rushing to get better, might take us back to where we started.

Reach without racing.


Having a base is so relieving. It can be a base mind, base body, base attitude—basically all important aspects of life can be ‘based’ up.

What it does is, gives you a platform to step on and go anywhere and explore/experiment. If nothing works you still have that platform to come back to and start in a different direction.

The work is in building the ‘base’. Freedom starts after that.

Where Is The Fun?

Where is the fun and chill? We take life way too seriously. Ah I know you have heard this a lot. Think about it again then…

Relax. Really relax. It will do you good in a lot of ways. Tension—you have to undo. Relaxation—will add to you.

Have fun and don’t keep a tab. You need it again.

It Feels Alien

After a long day of work, you decide to chill—there is music, you feel like grooving—but something stops you. You just can’t make yourself get up and groove freely to music. It feels alien—too much effort to be out there.

How do you move? How do you groove? How do you let loose? Have you thought of getting trained in something as simple as this?

It’s a skill that can be acquired. It’s great to play with your body language throughout your life. It can bring easy fun, chill mingling and also activate your parasympathetic nervous system.

Join Me

It is already happening—the surrender that I had dreamt of from my students. They join me, irrespective of the dance styles I teach.

Of course, I have a plethora of programs one can experience, but I’m glad to see the texture of the people in my classes. When dance and life is taught together, it’s a ride for sure. My art is to expand the whole of you.

Join me…for you.