Raga is a movement language developed by Ragini Bhajanka, which is exploratory and process-based. She believes pure freedom and rhythm comes from being in the moment, and that is what nurtures the spontaneous module of this movement program. 

Being a contemporary language, Raga will guide you towards unexplored places through improvisation. Ragini uses the rhythm of music and silence to help you through the cosmic connection of the mind and body. These sessions will draw on almost all the mindset, coaching and visualisation tools she has acquired to date. With consistent training this will bring out a side of you which is constantly exploring, connecting, and creating. The voice inside you will be the primary guiding force while various techniques will be practised to transcend boundaries into ultimate freedom.

In these classes you discover the creation process rather than choreography learning – you find yourself as a free moving being, rather than exploring dance as a construct. As Ragini describes it, it’s ‘Creation…creation of you’.

Usually a class like this is available only to professional dancers. Ragini is now making that accessible to everyone. Her process is unique in its approach, and is motivated by guidance through inspiration rather than instruction.

Day and Time:

Thursdays- 7:30pm to 8:30pm (Online)

Enrolment Open!

Registration Process

STEP 1 – GPay or PayTM on 9953764147. Bank transfer option upon asking.

STEP 2 – Email the Payment Screenshot, Full name, Contact details & Program selected at raginibhajanka@gmail.com

Email for queries or to schedule a call

Call/WhatsApp – 9953764147

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