Ocean Gaze

For hours I gazed into the ocean. There was no hurry. Nowhere to go. I could have done a lot, finished a lot. I deliberately eliminated hurry.

Yesterday, I was closest ever. Just a railing that separated me and this dangerous loop of waves. What was really important to me started to sink in. A strange calm. Knowing myself all over again.

I talked to the ocean like it was my best friend. But mostly I was gazing far for hours. I felt powerful. I could go anywhere, be anything. I needed yesterday to fortify all that I have come to believe. I needed the ocean.

I know now. For my next level of calm, all I need to have is an Ocean Gaze.

No Is NOrmal

No, not interested.

No, not my thing. No, don’t feel like it.

No, saying it to practise it.

No, not today. No, not part of my plan.

No, I just said no, I’m not mad.

No, can’t make it. Sorry.

You can say no—be comfortable saying no.

Say no a 100 times, say yes a 100 timesupto yousay mindfully without guilt or satisfaction that atleast someone is happy.

Decide and just say it. Want to say it. Feels normal to say it.

Yes or No.

Everything is a simple Yes or No. Only difference is saying no is not normal. That needs to change. Yes.

Make No NOrmal.

Dancers & Videos

Do you know how to dance?
Do you want to learn dance?
Is it only about shooting a
cool video?

See, the thing isone can look good in the video and still not know how to dance.

It’s very obvious to a trained eye.

‘Thrill of Dance’ Or ‘Thrill of Videos’.

Or both.

I’d say both. Why not! Keep dance in front, I suggest. If learning dance is your passion then don’t let making dance videos hijack dance.

It’s ok whatever you choose—just know there is a difference.

People who really know how to dance, might not have invested in the art of making videos. But no one can take away the joy of dance and the fact that they put in those many years, crossed the ocean, are now enjoying the sand on the beach, and are still dancing.

They chose dance.

May 31st

Today’s Mind

Experience something new regularly.

New experiences are better than remembering old ones.

Fall in love with newness. Newness activates nowness.

I always like doingFew years backLastweek

Now~how you feel | Now~who are you

Everything that you liked/did/felt—pick what you want for now and make that the base if you wish. The real fun begins in experiencing the now.


Why is there a constant need to equate everything we do to a result?

I have come to believe more and more in the process. The act of engaging and involving yourself in the things you like has it’s own way of giving you the tangible and the intangible. Even the things you don’t like.

Plus, there is mystery to it. Process gives you that space not to use your brain. Aren’t we using enough of it already?

You can explore without making something of it. Something will happen on its own. You getting involved means you’re opening that portal. Open as many as you can. It won’t happen magically. Once you do it, see the magic.

Just be in the process and process it later.

Go Basic

Basic is so important now, more than ever. More without basic has no base. Sooner or later it will get to you. So, what’s the base. Base of your life, work, emotions, whatever.

What is required for survival? Are you ready to survive in any situation? Basic things will get you sorted for that. How much have to loaded yourself up with?

If you feel restless or not enough, best way to tackle that is to just have enough.

What do you love doing the most? First do that. Make that the base.

What is important to you? Recognize that. Then go to the base of it. Get that.

Then, build on that.

Then, keep going back to its basics.

Basic conversation with someone.


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