Waves And Words

Yesterday was a gift. 9 hours on the beach with an artist friend, was my first. He knows the art of going deep into the layers of thoughts. So many simple conversations cleared complicated thoughts. Curiosity of one person became the much needed perspective for the other.

Nowhere to be, was a deep relief. The whole day was spread out like an empty canvas. So much was painted using words and waves—waves and silences—silences and strokes.

I realized the art of seeking the right company. I can still feel how I felt. What was interesting was the curiosity in the questions that we were both asking each other. Rich conversations can bring clarity when you’re not even looking for it. Great connections are perpetually mutual, and there is no full-stop.

Create For Others

We need to visualize and create things for people to experience. It’s the intention that matters. We don’t always create for us.

It’s required. You’ll be surprised to know that maybe you’re the only one giving that particular type of experience to people.

One question might cross your mind, “How much difference will it make?”—it makes to that one person and that one person represents the hidden community waiting to feel something different; or feel something basic and connected, which is again rare, nowadays.

Create for you & for others too.

Daily Dreams

Dreams are crossing us every second creating an intricate pattern wherever we go—waiting for us to dance with them. Weaved so thin, that we miss them. It sways—its just wind, we think. No, they are our daily dreams—each wanting to get noticed first.

You’re a spider on the dream web. It’s home. The very essence of you attached to every corner of every thread.

Dreams so fine that we need the heart to see it everyday.

Organic Perfection

I am unique and weird.
I want every part of my creativity and individuality to reflect seamlessly. Whoever comes across me, should get inspired to follow their dreams and multiple passions. You never know who you inspire.

Been sharing different sides of me, mainly for me to know me. Why hold back? More I share, more I reroute.

I have observed—people associate with the person in entirety. I do the same. If I connect to the person, I’ll go further. Else one strand of my hair won’t get affected! Show me more. Is that the only side to you? Really?!

It was a decision to show my raw self in 2021—I’m cool. Perfection has had a toll on me. Now I want organic perfection. When I want it tighter, I’ll pull the strings swiftly. I know that at the back of my hand. Till then, I’m getting more things done with a wild, imperfect streak.

Who Pulls You

Observe them.
There are hidden answers
to many questions.

They communicate through everything—through how they live, share, breathe…

See them in action and picture them in their personal space. They have the pull factor.

People find them intriguing because they’re aware, yet they play. You never really know them. Internally they change at a rapid pace, before you know it—you have to figure them out again. So there is this constant pull you feel for them. Find them.


…even during lockdown.

When things don’t seem normal, why do we press brakes on who we are. That’s when it actually comes to test. We need to believe. I for one, am sure I kept pushing through, with belief, in every phase of my life. This is my biggest strength. Take away everything, and you will still see me standing there with that look in my eyes…ready to start from scratch…believing more than ever.

Now, I have done it too many times. I live for the push, not the glory. And I’m ready to start again anytime, with just belief in my back pocket.

See more

When you know your subject really well—see more for others. It’s easy to give information—taking people somewhere using that, is another thing altogether. And all while maintaining their individuality.

There’ll always be people seeking information…from young-to peers-to old. It’s so artistic to see more.

The texture of people you have impacted is rare. When they jump on the field, it’s a sight to see. Not visible to the naked eye, but the difference is unmistakable after years.

You then go back, roll up your sleeves… and see more for more.

What Next?

I’m willing to mess up and move to the next. Learn from mistakes and try different ideas. Next is more interesting. You’re as good as your last work. Keep making your last work your past.

Enjoy your current mind, look forward to trying it differently, poke your creativity, swim in quirky ideas, jump in that crazy thought and experience the richness of newness.

Make mistakes, that’s fine. You’ll get finer with time…

Why Am I Not Chosen?

This is a question that troubles most dancers. Sometimes, so much so that they quit dancing altogether. Learning dance should not be conditional. Learning and training stays forever. You keep adding from there. Keep at it! Survive till the last rehearsal, go for that audition, try everything that scares you, grab that opportunity…repeat this for years keeping your dreams close to your heart.

Learn and fly away. Fly and learn more.

Go! Be a dancer!