Answer This

How do you feel now?

This is an ever changing state of mind. But it has a lot to do with how you are leading your life everyday. Every action leads to a feeling and eventually accumulated feelings.

If you ask this question to yourself at any time of the day, be prepared for anything and everything to rise up. Work towards simple answers you get from this question.


I can recognize groove in people. Who do I associate with? Are they groovy or are they tight?

I activated my groove 8 years back. I’m making it a lifestyle now.

I feel young and wise all the time. Worked the groove in my body through dance in such a manner that I feel connected to my inner groove as an individual. So I carry it with me everywhere—tap into it anywhere.

I feel it adds value as we age, as our minds change…the hypnotic groove that you develop in your personality, your work, your interactions, can save you from mundanity. You will never feel like a boulder in life. Fun will remain intact even in the toughest of times. But there is a method to it. I teach it actively.

Join me in finding your groove.


Long back I understood why I love what I do. How teaching was a cause for me.

I remember throughout school and college life I didn’t know who I was. There was no way to even understand what I needed. I didn’t understand simple things like how to share what I felt.

When I started to get confident all I could think of is how so many more might be feeling the same. I created a space for people to explore their individuality and personality—get comfortable with who they are and share what they feel.

My teaching became personalized and I started to empower people since then.

Ocean Day

July 15—constant sound of the waves was a wallpaper for the mind—12 hours—longest ever near the ocean.

My friend picked me up on her Navi and with her usual question, ‘How do you feel’, we chatted away to the beach.

We found a white swing which survived the Goa cyclone in May 2021—with warm tea cups we just enjoyed the flow of our thoughts with the ocean flow.

Soon I was alone with a bunch of things I wanted to work on. But first let’s stare far away. I let all thoughts crash into the waves and simply stood in the drizzle.

I then started to write about Raga, my movement language, which is about exploring life with freedom and rhythm through movement, and the ocean sound became part of my writing.

After a nice ocean day—the chef of the cafe dropped me home on his bike. I could still hear the ocean even in the pouring rain. Drenched to the skin, I entered home and I knew the lullaby I’ll sleep to.

Let Them Sleep

Many have not slept. Sleep without a complete relaxation has become a part of our lives. This is basic. Body. Health. Sleep.

I kept Lullaby by Hampshire & Foat on, as I observed my students sleep after my class. Were they dreaming? Was it a peaceful sleep? Were they in a state of pure relaxation? I will never know. I let them sleep and logged off quietly.

All I wanted was to start a process for realisations to kick-in, through a 6-Day Body Process Program I curated. They have to take ownership of their body and general wellness. Also, it’s crucial that someone helps in removing layers till a pure state of mind and body becomes a habit. I will always do my bit to impact lives.

Time for me to sleep. Goodnight…