Own Your Path

Stick to your path. The world needs to see you as you are, as you evolve, just as you want it.

It’s inspiring to see someone own their path. There is a surety in everything they do and that’s impactful—strangely enough people can get lot of strength by just watching them in action…

…watching them live their path.

Creatively Wired

Creation is our base and we can live in that high forever. Days seem shorter in ‘zone’—we want more each day.

Wired to create, there is no ‘normal’ day for us folks. We roll creatively for months adding to the existing momentum of months. It’s just never enough.

We don’t want anything else.

We’re nicely entangled.

My Base

Living, Loving, Dreaming, Dancing, Creating, Moving, Teaching, Traveling, Exploring, Breathing, Experiencing, Transcending—I want to explore beyond what I know, using what I know. I love the feeling of newness and nowness all the time.

I am free. My starting point is freedom. Anything more just expands it to infinity.

This is my base.


Working with people who’ve decided to transform is something else! Those are the ones who are ready to surrender, and understand the importance of associating with a coach.

It’s insatiable—the desire to know you through a coach. The engagement is what creates the change. The more you engage, the better. Life long association is ultimate. No one will know you more than them as you have shown all sides of you as part of the process. The work actually begins after that.

Coaches have infinity share method. Be ready to choose or take all. I would say take all and choose much later. Trust and see the magic unfold.

So, “Do you have a coach?”


Are you close to your body? Do you have a body connection? Do you decide how you want your body to be?

Body disconnections can cloud your mind decisions.

We are mainly taught to just workout. That’s not enough. Body needs to be close to you by practicing various physical and metaphysical connections. Make that effort beyond workouts.

Be connected to your body. You’ve only got one.