Join Me

It is already happening—the surrender that I had dreamt of from my students. They join me, irrespective of the dance styles I teach.

Of course, I have a plethora of programs one can experience, but I’m glad to see the texture of the people in my classes. When dance and life are taught together, it’s a ride for sure. My art is to expand the whole of you.

Join me…for you.

If I Meet You

From today, it’s a new beginning. I’m keeping the best of the best from before, and moving forward the true way—my way.

I can keep writing about it till the end of time. Doing whatever you truly want is where the learning is. All the big and the small decisions I made were my best ones. Rest were okay.

First life decision—Dance.

Second life decision—Solo journey.

Don’t make ‘okay’ decisions that are not yours. Own your ‘okay’, if at all.

If I meet you, I wish to see your decisions reflecting in your eyes.


Information is good. Interaction with people you connect to, is much nicer.

Interaction creates experiences. I would choose conversation over information. Some people are not reachable, hence it stops at information. That’s fine. Use it and flourish in your life.

Choose interaction/conversation with people who have decided to be reachable in a certain way. It becomes real. The closeness is comforting in this random world.

Faces, voices, eyes, words…in real-time are important for human connection. I’m just throwing in a few words here. Body responds beautifully to humans. We are that after all.

Choose your humans to interact with.


Mornings are for breathing…make sure you choose a nice place to live as you breathe that place in.

One body—that needs breath to last a lifetime. Breathe in and out rhythmically. Inhale deeply—then enjoy a longer exhale to empty your mind. 1:2 ratio, then take it to 1:4. Breathing becomes deeper with an empty mind.

Do it mindfully for 10 mins everyday.

Do it till you become the breath.

Know you

So people can’t change you.

Spend time with you; write about you; explore you with curiosity; read about topics you like; invest in your passions; find your community; find an interesting coach; align your mind and body; only follow your dreams; and dance everyday.

Life Decisions

It starts with making life decisions.

Then comes what you do with your days. We all know we’ve got one life. We forget that. How many unnecessary activities will it take for us to cut the chase.

We have a basic idea of our in-built personality. Trust it. Use it as a base to make your first solid life decision. All your actions will stem from that. You can then take it wherever you want—less of it will be connected, more of it will be connected.

You can then impact one person or the entire world. Range of possibilities comes from life decisions.