You then Dance

When your dance gets better than you, the training is not from the source.

Dance shifts—life shifts. That’s the equation we want. That’s the training we want.

The source of training is truly working on the individual. It’s a different process. It then becomes a dance of life.

Random Thoughts

Glad I’m living life my way. It feels enough. Learning to understand. Sharing to connect. Creating a community of individuals. Teaching differently. Seeing beyond for myself and the others. Loving the contrast of nature and hard work. I want to feel endless emotions in slow motion and direct them to art. Every second belongs to me and I take power from this thought. It’s going to be a wild life ride!

The Jazz Funk Show

The Jazz Funk Show is a platform created for a community to truly groove. Ultimately, I will present my students as part of a production for audiences. 

Over three months, I will work on the students’ groovy intensity. It will be an eclectic mix of solos, duets and group creations with Jazz Funk as the guiding language. I personally invest in my students and this production is the perfect opportunity for me to work closely with them. Be prepared for both – a raw and evolved – creation via this process.

Why ‘The Jazz Funk Show’? 

The best part about this show will be the rehearsal process. Usually, this kind of setting is only for professionals. I want everyone to experience and be a part of a process that creates stars. Every individual will get to explore and expand who they are and that will reflect in their performance. Gradually, I will build a groovy community of people who are independent and connected to their dreams.

What will these three months entail?

While the process will ultimately culminate into a production, the journey itself will give birth to stars. You will be in complete ownership of who you are as a mover and as a performer, all through the groove of the rehearsals. The program welcomes dancers from all kinds of training backgrounds, so it is absolutely okay to stay within your level and capacity. It’s not a race, it’s a process. Tap into your raw and crazy side through this program. 

Who is it for?

Everyone. Whether you are a professional seeking an experience with me, or an absolute beginner who is just curious about learning the art of performance. I have crafted the program in such a way that has space for everyone.

This process is an amazing opportunity for me to get to know my students, and for them to get to know themselves even more. It will remove layers from your personality until you begin to see yourself clearly. The entire community experience of people coming together and performing will be ultimate. One can expect a ‘Company Production’ by humans.

Where will this program take place?

Online. I want to create an online and offline community of movers. I am taking this step with my online community first. Students will learn how to project their energy through the screen, get creative and develop an ‘out of the box’ mindset.

When is it a good time to be a part of something like this?

Now is a great time. I am building dancers with a strong base training, by sharing my 20-years of experience and tapping into student’s inherent ‘star quality’. Students will go through a transformative journey and feel empowered throughout the process.

This show will have a spectrum of emotions ranging from raw and wild, to absolute freedom and stardom. This can be your breakthrough!

Experience the star-making rehearsal process!!

Process learning

Growth through the process.

Process learning is the best. Even if you have to teach yourself anything new, break it down into processes. Let it take months or even years if required. Imagine feeling a certain way or leading life a certain way and then direct the learning slowly.

Slower the better.

Any internal change should not feel rushed. Rushing to get better, might take us back to where we started.

Reach without racing.


Having a base is so relieving. It can be a base mind, base body, base attitude—basically, all important aspects of life can be ‘based’ up.

What it does is, it gives you a platform to step on and go anywhere and explore/experiment. If nothing works you still have that platform to come back to and start in a different direction.

The work is in building the ‘base’. Freedom starts after that.

Where is the Fun?

Where is the fun and chill? We take life way too seriously. Ah, I know you have heard this a lot. Think about it again then…

Relax. Really relax. It will do you good in a lot of ways. Tension—you have to undo. Relaxation—will add to you.

Have fun and don’t keep a tab. You will need it again.

It Feels Alien

After a long day of work, you decide to chill—there is music, and you feel like grooving—but something stops you. You just can’t make yourself get up and groove freely to music. It feels alien—too much effort to be out there.

How do you move? How do you groove? How do you let loose? Have you thought of getting trained in something as simple as this?

It’s a skill that can be acquired. It’s great to play with your body language through the course of your life. It can bring easy fun, chill mingling and can also activate your parasympathetic nervous system.