Search till you find or search till searching becomes a habit.

Sounds easy. Isn’t it?
It could take a lifetime…

I’m looking for something perpetually. Looking to feel different. Search for ‘different’. Yes, that’s it!

Search that’s connected to the unknown. Love for the unknown. Addiction to the unknown.

What’s out there? How much is out there? What will I feel? How much will I feel? I have to start, start soon. Just go. Without any answers. I refuse to set out with answers. Explore what no one has. A way of life never seen before. Not the same. Never the same. It cannot be the same, right? There is no one like you. Thrill and the grill of the unknown is a necessity.

Unsafe is attractive now.
There will be no coming back. I know.
I want to be gone.
I want to be gone.


Feel the silence inside.
As millions of thoughts you release into the ocean.
That’s the moment.
Where there is no hurry.
Nothing to prove.
Just freedom and rhythm.
Bringing yourself to your side.
Feeling your warmth for you.
Like hugging yourself.
The strength inside ever so softly, stretching and getting ready to support you.
Bowing to you and your existence is your breath.
I love you.
I love you.