Dance is for everyone. Every person is unique and has to be believed in. That’s why my styles focus on freedom of expression and movement, be it commercial or artistic. – RAGINI BHAJANKA

Ragini has found herself through dance, and dreams of everyone finding dance in some way or the other. She is passionate about dance and life; sharing and impacting through them. Her dream is to create a community across the world where life and movement is synonymous.

Interview: Grasping the Mind and Body through Dance

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A Groove Language by Ragini. Drip is symbolic of dropping with. “Drip is a slang term that refers to a person’s sense of style as trendy, sexy or cool. It is a variation of ‘swag’ and was made popular by hip-hop culture.”

Drip, is a constantly evolving, unique process created by Ragini over a decade. It is a trendy dance style with a theatrical aspect that touches the conversational side of a dancer’s body language. A creative space opens up for each person to find various colours of their personality and express them more boldly.

The method finds its foundation in your inner groove and individuality with an influence of Jazz dance techniques. The module of the program is a one-of-a-kind lab where you work on and experiment with your personality to gradually unmask the you in you with confidence. You also discover a centred body language, polished with a hint of stylistic and trendy vocabulary to aid smooth expression.

Every session is a capsule of a technique or concept that you practice in complete connection to yourself. It helps you find your rhythm and move and groove wherever there is music. You learn to be at ease with yourself as the focus shifts from remembering steps to moving with intention. Learning and retaining choreography then starts coming naturally because Drip enables you to practice your base enough to easily learn anything additional.

These dance classes inculcate a practice of performance with a rawness and an edginess of attitude, making each one a star. You will become confident in the way you carry yourself and own space with or without music. With such holistic training and development, exploring different commercial classes overseas will become easier to embrace.

The process is crafted in such a way that you can develop personal style in the now in line with visualisation of where you’d be in the future.


Raga is a movement language developed by Ragini Bhajanka, which is exploratory and process-based. She believes pure freedom and rhythm comes from being in the moment, and that is what nurtures the spontaneous module of this movement program. 

Being a contemporary language, Raga will guide you towards unexplored places through improvisation. Ragini uses the rhythm of music and silence to help you through the cosmic connection of the mind and body. These sessions will draw on almost all the mindset, coaching and visualisation tools she has acquired to date. With consistent training this will bring out a side of you which is constantly exploring, connecting, and creating. The voice inside you will be the primary guiding force while various techniques will be practised to transcend boundaries into ultimate freedom.

In these classes you discover the creation process rather than choreography learning – you find yourself as a free moving being, rather than exploring dance as a construct. As Ragini describes it, it’s ‘Creation…creation of you’.

Usually a class like this is available only to professional dancers. Ragini is now making that accessible to everyone. Her process is unique in its approach, and is motivated by guidance through inspiration rather than instruction.


Align is a curated and evolving process for the body. Each class by Ragini Bhajanka has its focus on educating you about your body at a personalised pace.

The classes will focus on anatomy and mental discipline, extending towards lengthening; strengthening; conditioning; flexibility; alignment; balance; and endurance in line with your body’s progress. Using music as the base, every flow will be practiced with technique, inner connection and complete awareness. 

These classes are designed to promote body awareness, daily mobility, and technical use of one’s muscles. Over time, it will become a part of the body. This provides ease of movement in general daily lifestyle and fortification for a dancer to reach new peripheries without thinking.

Each person; dancer or not; will discover great benefits by gaining closer understanding of their body. Growth will be exponential and will protect the body from injury.


Open Program is a curation of various styles and training programs designed to help you experience a self-paced dance process. Its module is based on each dancer’s personal selection of classes from the options of Raga; Drip; Align classes and upcoming workshops (as above).

The flexibility of schedule will allow you to try a variety of international dance styles – each with its own unique aspects. Different classes will help build your mind, body, and dance through fortification, improvisation, pure dancing and exploration of the self. Such an exposure to the nuances of dance training will broaden your horizons. It will place you on an open spectrum of movement and mind development with a flexibility of schedule thrown into the mix. On one end you will practice varied skills and stylistic tools for improved mobility and dancing quality; on the other end catching up to the dynamics of on-going classes will offer new challenges to master.

The liberty to choose hours according to personal timeline will create a comfortable 360 degree growth pattern. You will discover the ability to learn routines faster, catch instructions easily, and be mindful of your body and movement through a single multi-faceted process.

Infinity Program

Infinity Program is crafted to nurture an endless exploration of your dreams. An immersive engagement with Ragini and her movement languages, this is a space that encourages slowness, depth in the continuous search for your inner infinity.
​​The discovery of an infinity within ensures an endless source and supply of the art & artist within. Infinity is a process where exploration is a way of life for your inner artist.

This one year program is a well-rounded training possibility for aspiring movers. Spanning training and guidance across life and dance, this is a program for those looking to fast-track and direct their personal growth through deep association with a coach.

It unfolds in line with your aspirations for your mind, body, and dance training. Ragini mentors you through a connected learning process where each layer of learning is crafted to foster focused growth and personal guidance. Dreams are nurtured by tracking the growth of each individual closely. The depth of classes creates a smooth flow of training across different levels, approaches, and training styles. With a continuous focus on personal guidance, every session becomes the next step in your journey.


InSpace is a canvas for you to transform your movement through an immersion in open spaces. After an experential research, Ragini started this program to share her joy of moving InSpace with everyone.

The sessions begins with you becoming aware of the space yourself in it. Gradually, Ragini’s process helps you discover unconfined movement within through exploration and surrender. And regular sessions can be the key to unlock your potential for your movement journey. Once you experience InSpace, there is no stopping the mover in you.

You can also book a remote InSpace session the next time you are travelling to a scenic location and want to experience something beyond what you think are the limits of your being.


Dance Counseling sessions with Ragini Bhajanka work towards meticulous clarity around dance. Each one hour session provides one-on-one conversation with her. The sessions will be driven on the basis of who you are and what your aspirations, queries, and concerns regarding dance are. 

Your growth will be personally mentored by Ragini, involving her experience and knowledge of the dance industry spanning over 20 years. This becomes integral in saving years of your dance journey towards transformation. Timely counselling helps in shedding complacency and exploring new horizons with a helping hand. With an experienced professional, one is able to discover aspects of importance which may or may not be resolved without guidance.

In these exchanges she will guide you on topics like how to make a career in dance; the experience of training overseas; which dance form is ideal for you; how to handle injuries; financial concerns regarding dance; etc. You will begin to gather a more comprehensive understanding of dance as a way of life. Slowly, ideas will begin to take shape and transform goals and dreams into manifested paths towards overall development.


Teacher’s Training is a program for those looking to carve their niche in dance. It is a journey with Ragini Bhajanka for professional and aspiring dancers looking to share dance with the world.

This one month program is crafted with personalised training classes around how to teach dance effectively. Each dancer is unique, and Ragini works with their inherent abilities to bring out the best teaching methodologies suited to their style and personality. Each dancer’s level is thus elevated as they learn how to craft a dance class; what terminology to use; how to take care of the students; what approach to employ, how to embrace teaching as a profession. These elements will nurture an evergreen understanding about the art of teaching. This will be information for you to carry for life and employ across time, space, audience, and dance.

Ragini believes in learning from life. This is why her program offers both group online classes to dance in and observe, as well as on-ground experience. This may or may not be style-specific, subject to whether or not you wish to specialise in a particular international dance style. Depending on where you are in your dance training and career, a personalised plan and support system is created through constant connection and experience. 


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